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Html To Image 2.0

Fast & easy to use tool that converts content of HTML pages/text files to image
2.0.2009 (See all)

HTML To Image is a program that allows you to convert the web pages' content, text files, HTML files and Web Archive Format (MHT) files to JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF or GIF image format. It also allows you to convert HTML pages into thumbnails. The program is highly configurable, it allows you to configure an output directory, thumbnail height, thumbnail width, output quality, page height, page width and the format of an output. One of the coolest features of HTML To Image is that it is integrated with your Internet Explorer and thus allows you to save a web page's content to image on the fly while surfing the Internet. It also allows you to load URLs from a text file and save the processed URLs into a text file for reference, and provides you with the 'browser' button, which allows you to copy the URLs opened in the Internet Explorer. HTML To Image is fast, user friendly and easy to use. This program is shareware, which means you can download its free fully functional trial version to test the program before buying it.

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  • Fast and easy to use
  • Supports batch conversion


  • Requires Internet Explorer 5 or above
  • Not a free tool
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